ONX + DocLab MoCap Stage: Bag of Worms

    Bag of worms is an irreverent and playful performance and fast moving grab bag of ideas and experiments that treats the human body as something that can become possessed, deformed, and rearranged to elicit discomfort and question how we should treat bodies in digital spaces.

    Using the OptiTrack Motion Capture system and the Unreal game engine, this trio presents a performance lecture composed of vignettes, monologues, and games on topics as far ranging as body horror, creative violence, the WarioWare video game series, and more.  

    Wearing motion capture suits, Bag of Worms uses technology to create a new kind of hybrid performance, with the performers constructing and manipulating a digital playground viewable to the audience in real-time. The lines between the physical and the digital become blurred, challenging the audience’s perception of where the actual performance is taking place. 

    Bag of Worms is a live motion capture performance developed and created by Matt Romein in collaboration with Peter Mills-Weiss and Julia Mounsey. 

    Creator: Matt Romein
    Writers: Matt Romein,Peter Mills Weiss, Julia Mounsey
    Performers: Matt Romein, Peter Mills Weiss, Julia Mounsey
    Developers: Matt Romein, Oren Shoham


    Produced by ONX Studio and IDFA DocLab
    Presented by the Onassis Foundation

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