Industry Session: Framing of Us

    Hosted by Creative Europe desk NL, NO, DK, VL (BE)

    Intended as a call to shape a new perspective on cultural ethics in the documentary industry, Tessa Boerman and Shamira Raphaëla launched Framing of Us at IDFA 2020.

    The industry is increasingly aware of the need for diverse stories to reflect the complex and pluralistic societies we live in. This eye-opener led to a growing search for more diverse casts and crews. Nevertheless the industry hasn’t yet sufficiently prepared for this shifting paradigm; if the mindset isn't elevated, behavior won't change and the shift won't be sustainable.

    Framing of Us brings to light this trend of recurring practices and behaviors by encouraging filmmakers of the diaspora and Global South—as well as other film industry professionals—to (anonymously) submit their testimonies on the issues of framing, gazes, and biases without fear of repercussion. By exploring and challenging the roots of the problem and recalibrating the lens that, up until now, has determined the dominant perspective, this initiative will challenge mindsets, shift the frameworks, and aspire to bring about a greater transparency and inclusivity in decision-making processes at the apex of the eco-system where films are funded and financed.

    The Framing of Us collective now comprises Shamira Raphaëla, Tessa Boerman, Sanjhevi Kempadoo, Naomi White and Themba Bhebhe.

    Speakers: Shamira Raphaëla (Framing of Us, dir. Shabu, NL), Themba Bhebhe (EFM, Framing of Us, DE) and Dalia Al Kury (co-dir. Kids Cup, NO)

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