DocLab Live: The Tool is the Message

    The tools, media, and technologies we creates subsequently shape and define us. An evening with media artists about co-creation with new tools, with systems like Artificial Intelligence, but without Werner Herzog.  

    What is a medium? And why it is important to make your own communication tool? Join conceptual and media artist Constant Dullaart in his pursuit to artistically reclaim the online space that we lost to proprietary applications and data mining systems. Jepchumba, founder of the African Digital Art platform, shines her light on NFTs and creating a more sustainable marketplace for digital art. Photographer Bieke Depoorter and tech artist Dries Depoorter reveal how they created Border Birds, a photo series using AI, NFT’s, surveillance cameras, and migrating birds. We present the harrowing and beautiful retro game He Fucked The Girl Out of Me, with game developer Taylor McCue. And meet Kaspar AI—an artificial intelligence filmmaking tool trained on Werner Herzog's films. Could it revolutionize the film industry? Or was Werner Herzog right, when he said: “A computer will not create a movie as good as mine in 4500 years!”  

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