ONX + DocLab MoCap Stage: Maquette

    Maquette is a live interactive performance leveraging motion capture technology, avatars, and dance in an exploration of the parallel histories of averaging and idealism in art and society. As an audience watches the live performance, the performers’ movements drive avatars in a projected virtual world creating a genre-bending story that unfolds in both physical and virtual space.

    Maquette is inspired by Norma—a 1940s statue created by gynaecologist Robert Dickinson using averaged measurements from 15,000 white women aged 21-25—and the dissemination of her “model body” through media, medicine, and a normalcy competition. In a creative exploration of Norma’s story, Maquette engages the struggle of the fleshy human wishing to thrive in an increasingly averaged, virtual existence.  

    Part of:
    ONX + DocLab MoCap Stage: Showcase

    11 Nov 18:45 - 20:30
    de Brakke Grond: Rode Zaal

    14 Nov 15:00 - 16:45
    de Brakke Grond: Rode Zaal

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    Creator: Lisa Jamhoury
    Key Collaborators: Françoise Voranger, Andrea Nikki Ortiz, Hybrid Movement Company
    Technical artist: Woraya Boonyapanachoti, Rongyu Li, Guðjón Örn Lárusson, and NYCAP3D
    Sound: Nicholas de la Motte
    Designer: Jessica Hearn
    Developers: Kevin Peter He, Matt Romein

    Produced by ONX Studio and IDFA DocLab
    Presented by the Onassis Foundation

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