ONX + DocLab MoCap Stage: Realtime

    Driven by a participant in a VR headset interacting with a performer in a motion capture suit, Realtime revels in the kinks and inconsistencies of a world ever-fluctuating between the real and the virtual, as part of the emergence of the so-called metaverse. This shifting representational landscape then becomes the basis of a spectacle for a live audience, who observe both the staged encounter between the participant and performer, as well as a digital cinematic perspective controlled by a virtual camera operator.

    Realtime is an experimental model for performance built on emerging immersive technologies, that kindle the anxieties and joys of being observed and interacting with others both embodied and rendered. These playful juxtapositions point toward novel possibilities for extended realities as we try to navigate how to consume and be consumed by our digital identities in the so-called metaverse.

    Creator:Matthew Niederhauser
    Performer: Allie Donnelly
    Technical Artist: Todd Bryant
    Developers: Derek Chan and Christopher Strawley


    Produced by ONX Studio and IDFA DocLab
    Presented by the Onassis Foundation

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