The Dread

  • Martin Benchimol, Pablo Aparo
  • Argentinië
  • 2017
  • 67 min
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In a remote village in Argentina, home cures replace western medicine. Every disease is treated by neighbors except El Espanto (the dread), a rare disease that attacks women and is only cured by an old man, whom no one is encouraged to visit. In this village are born the evils and the antidotes, the mythologies and their detractors. A strange microclimate is the niche of mysteries that prevents certainties about the dread. The characters introduce us to this world where religious beliefs, esotericism and harsh precepts about family are combined.


Pablo Aparo namens Machita, Martin Benchimol
Mayra Bottero namens Machita
Gema Juarez-Allen namens Gema Films


World Sales
Pablo Aparo namens Machita
Festival Handling
Mayra Bottero namens Machita

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