Portraits of the Future

Retratos del futuro

  • Virna Gabriela Molina
  • Argentinië
  • 2021
  • 88 min
  • Wereldpremière
  • Envision Competition, Focus: The Future Tense

Available in Docs for Sale after the world premiere at IDFA

I was making a film about the resistance of the subway delegates in Buenos Aires, but the pandemic interrupted it and several protagonists of the film died from COVID 19. The dystopian Future of which the film spoke, was transformed into a present never imagined. The stopped project is now an existential, philosophical and human essay on the new "normality" that affects us. I built it as an experiment with the cinematographic resources that isolation allowed me. The language of networks and screens resizes everyday reality, while love is a source of resistance that inhabits the most personal archives.


Virna Gabriela Molina
Ernesto Ardito namens Virna y Ernesto, Virna Gabriela Molina namens Virna y Ernesto


World Sales
Ernesto Ardito namens Virna y Ernesto, Virna y Ernesto
Festival Handling
Ernesto Ardito namens Virna y Ernesto

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88', DCP, kleur
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Envision Competition
Focus: The Future Tense

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