• Andrei Kutsila
  • Polen, Wit Rusland
  • 2018
  • 51 min
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A young Belarusian woman artist is tired of routine of everyday life. Maria leaves her husband in Minsk and once again heads for Machkova Ruda in Poland. She finds herself in a fairy-tale like place, surrounded by untouched swamps and river. There an old Polish artist, Andrzej Strumillo, dwells in loneliness in his manor. Day by day their friendship and affection grow. They connect by working together, through heartfelt conversations, art, and form a strong attachment bond. The harmony gets shaken by constant calls from her husband, demanding her to return. The idyll can fall apart in no time.


Andrei Kutsila
Miroslaw Dembinski namens Film Studio Everest
Marta Dużbabel namens Polish Television Belsat
Involved TV Channel
TVP, Belsat TV, Polish Television Company


World Sales
Miroslaw Dembinski namens Film Studio Everest
Festival Handling
Andrei Kutsila

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