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    • July 1, 2020
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    IDFA returns to cinemas in November

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    • June 29, 2020
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    IDFA Bertha Fund supports six European co-production projects

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    • June 18, 2020
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    Pathways: Film selections to watch at home

    Life in Europe

    • To mark Europe Day (May 9, 2020), IDFA has teamed up with De Groene Amsterdammer and selected six documentary films. Together, these films tell the story of how this old continent is wrestling with recent problems.

    Remember, Remember

    • Films to commemorate World War II and celebrate freedom, now that we can't do it together.

    On the Road

    • To help us navigate uncertain times, we present a selection of films that prompt us to experience life in motion, where the destination is secondary to life in the present and the landscapes that pass us by.

    Solidarity in times of distancing

    • In a time when “social distancing” is the motto, we are all discovering that "solidarity" should be the word.

    Profession Journalist

    • Today, the truth is obscured by fake news, algorithms, and echo chambers, making the job of journalists more noble and urgent than it’s ever been before.

    Tips from the IDFA programmers

    Deep Down Tidal

    • nternet isn’t in the air, but rather in 880,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables on the ocean floor that trace old communication routes.

    Joe's Violin

    • A Holocaust survivor donates his violin to a girl from a destitute neighborhood in New York, and the instrument offers her a new opportunity in life.


    • Filmmaker Nara Normande uses a remarkable blend of animation techniques to recall happier times on the beaches of her childhood.

    Dear Araucaria

    • John Graham created cryptic crosswords for The Guardian for over 50 years. During his terminal illness, he used the puzzles to communicate with his fans.

    My Olympic Summer

    • Filmmaker Daniel Robin re-evaluates 8mm films of his parents' marriage against the background of unearthed archive footage and his own failed marriage.