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    IDFA-supported films premiering at Sundance 2020

    • Industry
    • January 22, 2020
    • The staff

    Call for entry: IDFAcademy Summer School 2020

    • Industry
    • January 15, 2020
    • The staff

    IDFA in Kriterion: Scheme Birds

    • News
    • January 9, 2020
    • The staff

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    In the Absence

    • Seung-Jun Yi

    I Think We're Alone Now

    • Sean Donnelly

    The Queen

    • Manuel Abramovich

    Scenes from a Dry City

    • François Verster, Simon Wood

    Skip Day

    • Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan

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    Hi, AI

    • Isa Willinger

    Ed Sheeran: Songwriter

    • Murray Cummings


    • Enrico Parenti, Stefano Liberti

    Compulsory Figures

    • Ewa Kochańska

    When the War Comes

    • Jan Gebert