IDFA and IFFR call for immediate release of Myanmar filmmaker and festival director Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi

    • News
    • April 23, 2019
    • By the staff

    Today, IDFA and IFFR issue a joint statement that calls for the immediate release of imprisoned Myanmar filmmaker and festival director Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi. We urge you to read the statement and sign your name below.

    We - filmmakers, film professionals, festivals, and organisations from around the world - are expressing our profound dismay at the recent detention of our fellow filmmaker Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi and we are calling for his immediate release.

    On April 12, 2019, filmmaker Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi was arrested by the Myanmar authorities after being sued by a military officer for “insulting and defaming the Army.” Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi is a prominent filmmaker in Myanmar, and as such, an important voice in cinema in general. Additionally, Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi is the co-founder of the Human Rights Human Dignity Film Festival in Yangon.

    After publishing various Facebook posts expressing public concern towards the military-drafted 2008 Constitution, he was detained and charged under two violations, both carrying a maximum prison sentence of two years. Recently, he has been denied bail and is now awaiting his trial scheduled on 25 April.

    Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi’s physical health is currently very fragile, having been operated to treat liver cancer only three months ago.

    We are gravely concerned for his health and fear for his life, should Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi be sentenced to imprisonment.

    We therefore plead for compassion for his serious health condition, and call authorities in Myanmar for the immediate release of Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi and his right to bail on humanitarian grounds.

    Update as of May 9: After the second court hearing on May 9, filmmaker Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi has still not been released. He is seriously ill in prison and may not survive a lengthy trial. He stands accused by the military of defaming them on Facebook. After the second court hearing, defense lawyer Robert San Aung said “my strategy is focused on defending freedom of expression.” To date, almost 1,000 film professionals are asking for the release of filmmaker Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi. Free Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi. His life is at stake and so is freedom of expression in Myanmar.


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    914. Daniel Cogan, Impact Partners, United States
    915. Khin Swe Mar, Myanmar
    916. Lauren Traetto, Oakland Unified School District, Alameda, US
    917. Jovan Marjanovic, Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    918. Eirin Høgetveit, Norsk Fjernsyn, Norway
    919. Vanesssa, Henneman Agency, Netherlands
    920. H. van der Laan, The Netherlands
    921. Mariska Post, Projects by Post, Netherlands
    922. Giselle Micolo, Makmende, Netherlands
    923. Jolinde den Haas, IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), the Netherlands
    924. Kaung Myat Thu Kyaw, HDFI, Myanmar
    925. Alessandra Berti, NFTS, United Kingdom
    926. Daniel Aragão, Film Director, Brazil
    927. Bill Martin, Al Quds Bard College, Palestine/USA
    928. Loes Komen, Producer, The Netherlands
    929. Karen Stokkendal Poulsen, Independent filmmaker, Denmark
    930. Petra Kuehl, Myanmar
    931. Ana Fraile, Ana Fraile, Argentina
    932. Joel Neville Anderson, PhD Candidate, Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester, USA
    933. Andrei Kutsila, Film Director, Belarus
    934. Willemien Sanders, media scholar, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
    935. Maryam Ebrahimi, Nimafilm AB, Sweden
    936. Emilie Blomgren, Emilie Blom, Sweden
    937. Rasmus Brendstrup, Cinematheque programmer, Denmark
    938. Mette Færgeman Thastum, Denmark
    939. Sara Thelle, Docs &Talks, Denmark
    940. Korrie Werrenderren, VoorleesExpress, Nederland
    941. Nicole R Guillemet, Off Center Films, United States
    942. Pi Ware, Ironwill Films, USA
    943. Vibert Joelle, France
    944. Nina Tramullas, People in Need, Spain
    945. Alina Manolache, microDOX, Romania
    946. Roser Giner Ms, Senior, Catalunya, Spain
    947. Daragh, Netherlands
    948. Arun Bhattarai, Sound pictures av productions, Bhutan
    949. Julio Molina, Filmmaker, United Kingdom
    950. Maria Razakamboly, France
    951. Zakir, Citizens Rights Institute, Azerbaijan
    952. Estelle Fromentin, Filmmaker, France
    953. Heleen Elferink, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Nederland
    954. Mijin Lee, Bassim pictures, South Korea
    955. Anny Lefebvre, Salt Lake Film Society, United States
    956. Pamela Yates, Creative Director, Skylight, USA
    957. Paco de Onís, Executive Director, Skylight, USA
    958. Petr Hanzel, Bezobalu, Czechia
    959. Ellen Boerma, Teacher primary school, The Netherlands
    960. Svetislav Dragomirović, Gray Tree Film, Serbia
    961. Salvatore Conte, Moi - même, Switzerland
    962. Thein Dan, Freelance in printing media, Myanmar
    963. André Pereira Botelho, Freelancer Producer, Brazil
    964. Misja Ilcisin, FHCRC, US
    965. James C Scott, Yale University, United States
    966. Lahpai Seng Raw, Myanmar
    967. Jeanne Hallacy, Kirana Productions, USA
    968. Lauren Fortgang, Never Again Coalition, United States
    969. Bradley Cox, Freelance documentary filmmaker, Spain
    970. Diane Koosed, Never Again Coalition, USA
    971. Derren Lawford, Woodcut Media, United Kingdom
    972. Nan Khan Yone, Myanmar Human Rights Alliance Network(MHRAN), Myanmar
    973. Mercedes Martinez-Abarca, International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    974. Phil Robertson, Human Rights Watch, USA
    975. Marta Mateus, Director, Portugal
    976. Jan Jan Maran, STAND, USA
    977. Misha Antonich, City college of San Francisco, Usa
    978. Ton Baars, Borderline Based Bioscoop, Netherlands
    979. Yuki Kitazumi, Journalist, Japan
    980. Anjet Lanting, Amnesty International, Nederlands
    981. Alkyoni Valsari, Filmmaker, Germany
    982. Rosa Vroom, Spain
    983. Nancy Dawson, Never Again Coalition, USA
    984. Ioana Georgeta Turcan, Madera Creation, Romania
    985. Cho Nwe Oo, နိုင္ငံေရးအက်ဥ္းသားေဟာင္း, ရန္ကုန္
    986. Jeremy Lehrer, Journalist, US
    987. Viktor Jakovleski, Court 13, USA
    988. André Robert, Cineasta, Costa Rica
    989. Aye Nilar Kyaw (AJ), Filmmaker, Myanmar
    990. Gigi Romero, Freelance, Spain
    991. Karina le Gallo, Freelance Teacher, France
    992. Danae Stylianou, Greenroom Casting, Cyprus
    993. Laura Ruiz, Film industry professional, Denmark
    994. Iara Lee, Cultures of Resistance, USA
    995. Lars Boering, World Press Photo, Netherlands
    996. Arun Deo Joshi, Festival Chair/ Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival, Nepal
    997. Claudia Modonesi, Picture People, United Kingdom
    998. Guy Tyzack, Australia

    Last updated: June 5, 10:45 CET

    Photo by František Vlček.

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