Statement on the COVID-19 pandemic

    In these turbulent times, our thoughts and sympathy go out to everyone whose health is at stake and to their loved ones. In addition, we stand in solidarity with our colleagues and friends from film festivals and cultural institutions in the Netherlands and worldwide, as well as with all filmmakers and film professionals, who have been hard hit by this pandemic and the additional economic instability.

    This crisis leads to sadness, fear, and uncertainty, also for us. Yet such a crisis also makes you realize what you stand for. Perhaps more than ever.

    We want to live in a world where we do not shut ourselves off from others, in a world where national borders are open, and where not every other person is a danger. In a tolerant world where there is a strong bond of fate, and interaction with others is indispensable. And we want to live in a world where art is a raft of hope, perception, inspiration, and entertainment that we can enjoy together.

    All that is what IDFA stands for, in 2019 but also in 2020. We do this together with you; with filmmakers, producers, and professionals; together with our audience and our (special) friends; and together with our partners and relations.