Chilean delegation at IDFA: strong showing and five new projects

    The Chilean delegation is one of five that will have an online Meetup at IDFA 2020, open to accredited professionals. Check out what they have to offer, including a presentation of five new projects on November 19.

    In 2020, Chile is coming to IDFA headed by Chiledoc, with a strong representation across the program and industry sections.

    Francina Carbonell's The Sky Is Red will have its world premiere in the IDFA Competition for First Appearance, while Maite Alberdi's The Mole Agent and Ana Edwards' short Mundo (pictured on top) will screen in the Best of Fests section.

    Arica by Swedish filmmakers Lars Edman and William Johansson Kalén, which explores how a Swedish mining company dumps its toxic waste in Chile, will have its world premiere in IDFA's Frontlight section. The film is co-produced by local producers from the region.

    As for the IDFA 2020 Industry Program, the project Ancestral Secret VR by emerging female filmmakers Francisca Silva and Maria Jose Diaz is taking part in IDFA DocLab Forum. Finally, director Nicolas Tabilo and producer Felipe Garrido will be participating in IDFAcademy with Drifting Images after winning the IDFA Project Award at Chile Conecta.

    New projects

    Five new projects will be presented at the Chilean delegation Meetup.

    Directed by María Paz González and Nicole Böck Dupont
    Producers: Macarena Aguiló, Nicole Böck Dupont

    Margarita Ancacoy (41), a cleaner at college, is assaulted and beaten to death as she walks to work. Her assaulters, five immigrants, were caught by security cameras and after confessing their crime, they were tortured in a Chilean prison. An over-mediated case that reveals a circle of violence marked by discrimination, labour precarity, xenophobia, and social morbidity.

    Bastard, The Legacy of a Criminal
    Directed by Pepe Rovano
    Producers: Clara Taricco, Antonia Valenzuela

    At 35, Pepe discovers his biological father is guilty of crimes against humanity. He then embarks on an unexpected journey, deciding to live with the old man. Bastard is a story of disobedience and rejection, the story of the son of a killer and his attempt to repair the past.

    The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine
    Directed by Alfredo Pourailly
    Producer: Francisco Hervé

    Toto, the last gold digger in Tierra del Fuego, is 62. His body is severely damaged by his work, and feels close to death. But he can’t stop working: he is not qualified for social security. His cowboy son Jorge designs a machine that should bring them a better future.

    Directed by Tana Gilbert
    Producer: Paola Castillo

    Women in prison reconstruct their experience of motherhood through videos and photographs captured with their forbidden cell phones while serving their sentences. Malqueridas offers a reflection on the severity of motherhood when faced with confinement and loss of affection.

    Directed by Nicolás Molina
    Producer: Joséphine Schröeder

    In a context of social protests, a world pandemic, and major blazes, we follow the heroic as well as hilarious firefighters of the 5th company of Valparaíso and question their role in the Chilean society. 

    Check out the overview of Chiledoc's presence at IDFA 2020 here.

    Industry Meetup: Meet the Chilean Delegation takes place at the Industry Hub online 1, from 15:00-17:00 CET on November 19. It is open to all pass holders.

    The Sky Is Red

    • Francina Carbonell
    • 2020
    • 73 min

      The Santiago prison fire of 2010 left 81 inmates dead. This reconstruction reveals the vulnerability of prisoners when penal institutions are overfull and maladministration and corruption are the order of the day.

      More info


      • Ana Edwards
      • 2020
      • 19 min

        Matilde is an elderly alpaca herder surrounded by the awe-inspiring natural scenery that was once sacred to the Aymara, the indigenous Chilean community to which she belongs. But today all that counts for Mathilde is the Word of God: the Bible.

        More info


        • Lars Edman, William Johansson Kalén
        • 2020
        • 97 min

          After the Swedish company Boliden dumped toxic waste in the Chilean desert town of Arica in 1984, thousands of local residents fell ill. In this sequel to Toxic Playground (2009), the filmmakers follow the lawsuit against the mining company.

          More info

          The Mole Agent

          • Maite Alberdi
          • 2020
          • 90 min

            In this blend of spy flick and observational documentary, 83-year-old Sergio goes undercover in an old folks’ home. Starting out as a wryly comical detective yarn, the film ultimately offers us an intimate look at affection and loneliness in old age.

            More info


            Meet the Delegations

            • November 1, 2019

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