Egyptian project 50 Meters wins the IDFA Spotlight Award at Durban FilmMart

    Director Yomna Khattab dissects the life of her father and redefines their relationship by immersing herself in the male-dominated world of his water aerobics team.

    The IDFA Spotlight Award at Durban FilmMart last week went to the project 50 Meters by the Egyptian filmmaker Yomna Khattab.

    In this personal and intimate story, the director explores her relationship with her father with her own self by stepping into his parallel world of water aerobics. She follows him and his team during their training in their neighborhood’s pool, where he meets with his friends, a group of men over sixty, three days per week to break his monotonous life and the constant feeling of loneliness. Khattab is the only female in this confined space, with the objective to set new power dynamics and reach a reconciliation with her father.

    "Yomna Khattab’s beautiful project 50 Meters promises to be a gentle-natured, emotionally rich father-daughter exploration of patriarchy and authority from within the calm waters of a community swimming pool," says IDFA programmer Sarah Dawson who gave out the award at Durban. "I look forward to Khattab’s further development of her debut film, which is already imbued with the warmth of nostalgia and kind humour."

    "We were honored to receive the IDFA Spotlight Award at Durban FilmMart," says Khattab. "It was a great surprise and represents a much-needed support for our project at this stage of its development. It was very motivating for us to present our project and talk sincerely about our evolving journey and find IDFA believing in us as first time director, and willing to support us to explore, learn and grow. We are very thankful for this award and looking forward to what is coming ahead."

    50 Meters is produced by Ahmed Amer through his company A.A. Films and is currently in the stage of late development and early production.


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