Shifting Perspectives: The Arab World

    With this program of films and debates, IDFA offers a counterbalance to Western stereotypes that ignore the complexity of the Arabic-speaking world and keep ‘the Arab’ at arm’s length, as ‘the other’.

    Shifting Perspectives: The Arab World consists of sixteen classic and new documentaries examining life in a range of Arab countries as seen from the perspective of makers from the region. The selection includes such films as Raed Andoni's Ghost Hunting (Palestine/France, 2017), China Is Still Far Away by Malek Bensmaïl (Algeria, 2008), which deals with Algerian identity and the legacy of the French colonial past. The classic documentaries The Misfortunes of Some (France/Lebanon, 1982) and A Flood in Baath Country (France, 2004) by Omar Amiralay show life in Lebanon during the civil war, as well as Syria before its civil war. 

    From November 17-19, festival venue De Kleine Komedie will host the extensive program of film screenings and discussions.

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