Documentaries in the open air: IDFA by Night July 10-20

Pakhuis de Zwijger is closing the cultural season with a series of open air screenings: nine brilliant documentaries from the IDFA-program. The screenings take place at the square in front of Pakhuis de Zwijger (Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam). The movies start at around 10 pm, entrance is free. English subtitles, or English spoken.

Tuesday July 10: The Dread

The residents of a village in Argentina don’t need doctors: they heal one another. But one affliction—the dreaded espanto—requires a very special treatment. More info and reservation

Wednesday July 11: The Work

A unique report on a four-day therapy session in an American prison, where convicted criminals and men from outside come together to face their fears and emotions. More info and reservation

Thursday July 12: Instant Dreams

Inventive visuals in this rollercoaster ride into the ingenious Polaroid photo system. Chemistry like you’ve never seen it before. More info and reservation

Friday July 13: When God Sleeps​

Ever since a fatwa was issued against him, Iranian musician and poet Shahin Najafi lives in constant fear. More info and reservation

Monday July 16: Risk

Laura Poitras’s revealing portrait of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange details the degeneration of idealism into megalomania. More info and reservation

Tuesday July 17: The Interior City + Last Days in Shibati

The Interior City
A portrait of doormen, those people that we all walk past. Just what are they thinking?

Last Days in Shibati
A portrait of the last remaining old neighborhood in Chongqing, where the narrow alleyways are rapidly making way for gleaming high-rises and vast shopping centers. 

More info and reservation

Wednesday July 18: Freedom for the Wolf

From protests in Hong Kong to Trump's inauguration, this painful documentary makes it crystal clear that in modern democracy, freedom is only an illusion. More info and reservation

Thursday July 19: Dead Donkeys, Fear no Hyenas

Why would a country with millions of citizens dependent on food aid lease its arable land to foreign investors? An investigative documentary about food insecurity and land grabbing in Ethiopia. More info and reservation

Friday July 20: Amal

At age 14, Amal is already taking part in protests on Tahrir Square. In the years after, she searches for her identity in a country in transition. More info and reservation