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    Country of Production


    • Dejan Petrović
    • Serbia
    • 2021
    • 20 min
    • IDFA Competition for Short Documentary

      Distinctively framed, observational footage of a dog rescue center in Serbia, and in particular of the endearing dog Vanja and her anonymous trainer. Can humans and animals learn from each other? And what works best: punishment or reward?

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      After A Revolution

      • Giovanni Buccomino
      • Libya, Italy
      • 2021
      • 121 min
      • International Competition

        A look into the lives of a brother and sister who fought on different sides of the uprising in Libya in 2011: he supported Gaddafi, she was one of the “rebels”. As war flares up in the years that follow, their fervor for justice is challenged.

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        • Viera Cakanyova
        • Czech Republic
        • 2009
        • 52 min
        • Focus: The Future Tense

          A defiantly independent woman films her life in Prague with great humor and self-deprecating insight. She has Alzheimer’s disease and sometimes thinks she’s living under Communism, with a secret agent for a neighbor.

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          All Light, Everywhere

          • Theo Anthony
          • United States
          • 2021
          • 109 min
          • Best of Fests

            Blending styles and different points of view, this cinematic essay explores the shared histories of image technology, weapons, and policing—from the earliest photos and pigeons fitted with cameras to modern combat drones and bodycams.

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            All These Sons

            • Bing Liu, Joshua Altman
            • United States
            • 2021
            • 88 min
            • Best of Fests

              On Chicago’s South and West sides, gun violence is destroying countless lives. Two men dedicate their lives educating, empowering and healing young Black men at high risk of becoming victims—or perpetrators—of shootings.

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              Amsterdam Global Village

              • Johan van der Keuken
              • Netherlands
              • 1996
              • 240 min
              • Focus: unConscious Bias

                Director Johan van der Keuken uses countless storylines and multiple detours to paint an epic portrait of multicultural Amsterdam in the 1990s. His documentary realism avoids romanticism as well as the toxicity of the later public debates on immigration.

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                • Chris Wright, Stefan Kolbe
                • Germany
                • 2021
                • 111 min
                • Best of Fests

                  An original portrait of a murderer during his last year in jail. The film confronts us with questions about the impact of our past and whether there is such a thing as “the truth.”

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                  Artificial Awakening

                  • Jakob la Cour
                  • Denmark, Austria
                  • 2021
                  • 20 min
                  • DocLab: Liminal Reality, IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction, IDFA on Stage

                    In this immersive VR performance, you are invited on a participatory tour into the virtual universe of a spiritually awakened artificial intelligence. An intimate ceremony, led by a virtually present performer, carries you to this mystical hyperspace.

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                    As I Want

                    • Samaher Alqadi
                    • Egypt, Norway, France, Palestine, Germany
                    • 2021
                    • 88 min
                    • Best of Fests

                      In January 2013, two years after the popular revolt on Tahrir Square, an explosion of sexual violence prompts rage and protests. What does it mean to be a woman in Egypt today? Filmmaker Samaher Alqadi exposes the ubiquitous sexism.

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                      • Yuri Ancarani
                      • Italy, France
                      • 2021
                      • 105 min
                      • Masters

                        In Venice, city of water, teenagers like Daniele don’t have souped-up mopeds but powerful speedboats, or barchini. This atmospheric, hyper-realistic film progresses from a dreamlike beginning to an operatic climax.

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