• Enrico Parenti, Stefano Liberti
  • Italy
  • 2018
  • 65 min
  • World Premiere
  • Frontlight
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In a world struck by climate change and overpopulation, food production control is increasingly becoming a huge business for a handful of giant corporations. Following the industrial production chain of pork and the related soybean monoculture, from China to Brazil through the United States and Mozambique, the documentary describes the enormous concentration of power in the hands of these Western and Chinese companies. From waste-lagoons in North Carolina to soybeans monoculture developed in the Amazon rainforest to feed animals, the movie describes how the expansion of this process is jeopardizing the social and environmental balance of the planet.


Enrico Parenti, Stefano Liberti
Andrea Ricciardi for Albamada, Susana Trojano for Elliot Films


World Sales
Olivier Semonnay for Java Films
Festival Handling
Olivier Semonnay for Java Films

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