Back to the Taj Mahal Hotel

  • Carina Molier
  • Netherlands, The
  • 2017
  • 70 min
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On November 26, 2008 a series of terror attacks occurred in Mumbai. The famous five-star Taj Mahal Hotel was one of the targets. In the film, some of the surviving hotel guests return to India and talk about what it means to live through an attack like that. The film observes them for 24 hours in and around the hotel. At first, together with these protagonists we get to know the luxurious hotel and then we return with them to the dark hours of the attack. Gradually we discover how this drastic event has impacted the lives and thinking of the victims. The years that went by since the attack offer space in their minds for reflection on fear, both at an intimate, personal level and at the level of society.


Carina Molier
Boudewijn Koole for Witfilm, Iris Lammertsma for Witfilm


World Sales
Catherine Le Clef for CAT&Docs
Festival Handling
Nazima Mintjes for Witfilm

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