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A Show

Ze Frank
United States
International Premiere
Festival history
Since his breakthrough in 2001, Internet pioneer and online performance artist Ze Frank created a massive amount of projects in which the participation of his audience often took center stage. One of his most successful and influential projects was . Between March 2006 and March 2007, Frank published a new episode every weekday. In April of 2012, after a successful crowdfunding campaign, Frank launched the highly anticipated follow-up . In Frank's own words, is "same same, but different." Three times a week, he reflects on the world around him in short, tightly edited videos. Seated in front of the same open cupboard filled with books and paraphernalia, Frank discusses such divergent subjects as the teen brain, tongues, digital romance and a review of the recent presidential debates. Frank races through his and our world at breakneck speed and full of humor. Yes, it's our world as well, because once again audience participation is key. Every show opens with real questions and stories from the audience, answered by Frank and often followed by intimate and funny collaborative challenges. With , Frank has created one of the most unpredictable and human places on the web, which has produced wonderful collaborative artworks, such as animations of viewer-submitted dreams and fears, and a song and accompanying music video on which 2,601 people collaborated.
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