Stau - jetzt geht's los

    • Thomas Heise
    • Germany
    • 1992
    • 84 min
    The Roxy is situated in a suburb of the German city Halle-Neustadt. A concrete shack with a pinball machine, ear-splitting music and especially a lots of booze; a meeting place and drop-out base for neo-nazis, boneheads and skinheads. Stau jetzt geht's los is a portrait of Roxy's violent frequenters. Director Thomas Heise follows six habitués, in as well outside th eclub, even into their living rooms. He asks them for their political motives, their work, their relationships. Stau jetzt geht's los is an attempt to come to a dialogue and to map the lower side of the radical right subculture.


    • 84 min
    • color
    • 16mm
    Thomas Heise
    Wild Okapi Film
    Sebastian Richter
    Karin Geiss
    Uve Haussig

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