Fly So Far

    • Celina Escher
    • El Salvador, Sweden
    • 90 min
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    Imagine that you are pregnant. You feel an intense pain and faint. You wake up at the hospital, surrounded by police officers. You are accused of having killed your own baby. This is the story of “The Seventeen”, the many women accused of murder after having a miscarriage in El Salvador.

    Project Information

    Supported with €16000 for Classic: Production & postproduction 2018
    Countries of production
    El Salvador

    Project credits

    Production status
    Start production
    Monica Hernandez Rejon for Pråmfilm AB
    Saúl Callejas for Chimbolo Films, Maria Åkesson for Sugar Rush Productions

    About IDFA Bertha Fund


    The IDFA Bertha Fund aims to stimulate and empower the creative documentary sector in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe by supporting remarkable and innovative documentary projects by talented filmmakers from these countries.

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