Vajra Sky over Tibet

    • John Bush
    • United States of America
    • 8989 min
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    <> is a cinematic pilgrimage bearing witness to the indomitable faith of Tibet's Buddhist community and the ultimate threat to its very survival. It is one of the rare documentaries actually filmed in Tibet and has received the blessing and endorsement of The Dalai Lama. Set against a backdrop of breathtaking Himalayan terrain, this feature-length documentary offers a direct experience of some of the most revered temples, monasteries and festivals still surviving in Tibet today. Filming only in natural light, director/cinematographer John Bush traveled inconspicuously as part of a two-person crew along with a Tibetan guide and driver. The third film in Bush's <>, <> is a journey to the mysterious heart of Buddhist wisdom, revealing a policy of Chinese Authorities to destroy this ancient tradition from within. The film is in a successful limited theatrical release in the US and has garnered wide critical acclaim.


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