Amsterdam Reconstruction

  • Jérôme Schlomoff
  • Netherlands
  • 2007
  • 20 min
  • World Premiere
  • Paradocs
A walk through the cultural ruins of the city of Amsterdam. Using a 35mm film tray with a pinhole, Schlomoff captures the empty halls of the Stedelijk Museum, the Rijksmuseum, Gallery W139, and the cinema of Maison Descartes. It is surprising to see how quickly you recognise the function of these rooms, even without the art works. The lay-out, the white walls and the filtered light streaming in from above immediately carry you into the sacred world of the visual arts. To highlight the power emanating from all these buildings for the arts, Schlomoff draws a parallel with the dynamics of the Amsterdam harbour, where ships and cranes dance to the rhythm of the filmmaker's voice as he counts down the seconds he needs to expose each frame.


  • 20 min
  • black and white
  • video
Jérôme Schlomoff
Jérôme Schlomoff for Films de l'impatience
Jérôme Schlomoff
Jérôme Schlomoff
Jérôme Schlomoff

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World Premiere

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