Self Portrait

    • Katja Høgset, Margreth Olin, Espen Wallin
    • Norway
    • 79 min
    • International Premiere
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    Lene Marie Fossen, a world class photographer, suffers from anorexia. She stopped eating at the age of ten. Intent on exposing the shame around anorexia and confronting her disease, her art is naked and honest. Self Portrait is Lene Marie’s journey and struggle. “If only it was about snapping your fingers and beginning to eat again.”

    In October 2019, at only 33, Lene Marie passed away. She watched the film before, together with her parents wishing for it to be released worldwide.


    Katja Høgset, Margreth Olin, Espen Wallin
    Margreth Olin for Speranza Film
    Involved TV Channel
    NRK , SVT, BR/Arte


    World Sales
    Philippa Kowarsky for Cinephil
    Festival Handling
    Shoshi Korman for Cinephil

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    Available versions
    55' and 77',DCP,color / black and white
    Spoken languages

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