When The Guns Go Silent

    • Natalia Orozco
    • France, Colombia
    • 58 min
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    How to conclude a war? How to win peace? After half a century of armed struggle, after three failed peace processes, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the most notorious rebel group of the country, and the Colombian government have finally reached a historical peace settlement. The signature of a peace agreement in September 2016 cleared the path to national reconciliation and to the FARC's participation in the political arena. While the negotiations were somehow progressing, Natalia Orozco managed to have access and establish communication with the rebels’ and the government’s negotiation teams.


    Natalia Orozco
    Christine Camdessus for Alegria Productions
    Natalia Orozco for PULSO MUNDO
    Involved TV Channel
    ARTE France, RCN Television


    World Sales
    Kathryn Bonnici for Java Films
    Festival Handling
    Elba Mcallister for CINEPLEX

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