The Long Season

    • Leonard Retel Helmrich
    • Netherlands, The
    • 2017
    • 115 min
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    Nine million Syrians have left their homeland since the breakout of the war. Most of them have ended up in camps like Madjal Anjar in the Bekaa valley, just over the border in Lebanon. Most of the camp's inhabitants are families who fled Raqqa, the official capital of the IS caliphate. For survival they depend on aid organizations, but some of them earn a little toiling in the fields of a local farmer who treats them with contempt. The rest of the time they spend bored, waiting for the bus that brings goods and news from Raqqa. In conditions such as these, frustration rapidly turns to conflict, traumatized children become aggressive and women’s freedom of movement is very restricted. Multi-award-winning director Leonard Retel Helmrich uses his hallmark single-shot cinema verité style to probe deep into life in the camp. The fluid motion of the camera—sometimes high in the air, sometimes gliding just above ground level—allows him to get extremely close to the camp’s inhabitants, bringing home the human drama behind the abstract number of nine million.


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