Just a Normal Person

    • Malin Björkman-Widell
    • Sweden
    • 58 min
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    22 years ago the identical twins Isabelle and Denise were born. But already as a kid Isabelle knew she was a boy, born in a girls body.

    ”I am going to be a dad when I grow up”, says 6-year-old Isabelle in a video clip. A few years later Isabelle changes name to Sam. From then on Sam has been forced to explain who he really is, over and over again.

    The film follows Sam from childhood to high school graduation. Today Sam is a young man, trying to find his way in life.


    Malin Björkman-Widell
    Malin Björkman-Widell for SVT
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    World Sales
    Paulette Rosas Hott for SVT Sales
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    Niklas Ahlgren for SVT Sales

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