Naam Djai - Der Fluß des Herzens

    Naam Djai - The River of the Heart

    • Marco Wilms
    • Thailand
    • 1999
    • 64 min
    • IDFA Competition for First Appearance
    The majority of women in Bangkok lead a dull, ordinary, industrious life, but these are not the women director Marco Wilms is interested in. In NAAM DJAI - DER FLUß DES HERZENS, the filmmaker follows the track of a young German who is in turn looking for Ee, a girl that he spent one unforgettable night with a few months before in this ‘city of angels’, where ‘there is no face without greed’. On his quest for Ee, the filmmaker talks with various other Thai girls who combine empty days with full nights and dreams about a big, blond, Arnold Schwarzenegger-type foreigner. Fascinated by these girls who are lover, mother, child, angel and whore in one person, the narrator also pays a visit to a Buddhist monk, who tries to convince him that love is far too uncontrollable to have your happiness depend on it.


    • 64 min
    • color
    • video
    Marco Wilms
    Marco Wilms
    Manfred Durniok Film und Fernsehproducktion, Germany
    Marco Wilms, Marc Lubosch
    Marcel Buckan

    IDFA history

    IDFA Competition for First Appearance

    IDFA Competition for First Appearance

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    IDFA history

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