Mr. Big

    • Tiffany Burns
    • Canada
    • 89 min
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    After her brother, Sebastian Burns, confesses and is convicted of murder, broadcast news journalist Tiffany Burns takes a closer look at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police undercover sting known as "Mr.Big" during which the police pose as organized criminals, offering their target money and threatening violence while seeking confessions for unsolved murders. The film blends Tiffany's personal story with her search for the facts about the sting: why "Mr.Big" is legal in Canada when it is considered entrapment in the USA and England. During her journey she meets several people who have made false confessions and spent years in jail for murders they didn't commit. The documentary examines the ethics of the "Mr. Big" technique and its use as evidence in Canadian courtrooms, through a wide array of interviews with experts and former suspects. The film is an intriguing exploration of the "Mr. Big" strategy in criminal investigations, and a portrait of a family coping with a difficult series of events.


    Tiffany Burns
    Tiffany Burns for Eagle Harbour Entertainment


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    Tiffany Burns for Eagle Harbour Entertainment

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