Abuse and the UN

    • Karin Mattisson
    • Sweden
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    Senior UN official Anders Kompass sounded the alarm about sexual abuse by peacekeeping French troops in the Central African Republic, but instead of protecting the victims, the UN directed their attention to Anders Kompass. He was suspended on charges of misconduct and told to resign. At the core of the story is a shocking report containing the highly distressing testimony of vulnerable children. A report that shocked the world and was to mark the start of one of the UN’s biggest crises. This revealing documentary follows in the wake of a scandal at the highest echelons of the UN diplomatic world. A journey that takes in two worlds, that of the most vulnerable, and of those whose task it is to protect them. The abused children tell in their own words about the depraved acts of abuse they were subjected to, and how their betrayal by the UN continues to impact their lives today. While the children pursue their da¬ily struggle for survival, a game is in progress within the walls of the UN building in New York. A group of top UN officials, with former deputy UN secretary-general Jan Eliasson at the forefront, continues to argue that whistle-blower Anders Kompass was at fault – despite his having been acquitted of any wrong-doing by two investigations. For over 70 years, the United Nations has functioned as a bastion for human rights and defender of the most vulnerable. But what happens when those whose task it is to protect the poor and the weak, women and children - become perpetrators themselves?


    Karin Mattisson
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