Andy's Promise

    • Nathalie Crum
    • Netherlands, The
    • 2017
    • 16 min
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    Due to a lack of new members, 13-year-old Andy has been the youngest member of his "schutterij" organization in the Dutch province of Limburg for some time now. Originally a sort of citizen militia dating back to medieval times, the schutterij is now part of folklorist tradition in some parts of the Netherlands. It meant everything to Andy's grandfather, and for Andy's mother it was an equally serious affair. Andy once made a promise to them both that he would never let the schutterij down. Now that they have both died, he tries his best to keep his word by actively looking for new, young members. This turns out to be easier said than done: the kids in his town prefer other hobbies, as we discover in short, amusing scenes that lend the film a slightly absurdist tone. In voice-over (in his Limburg dialect), Andy explains how he intends to implement a recruitment drive. With its colorful costumes, parades and shooting competitions, this centuries-old tradition simply must survive!


    • 16 min
    • color
    • DCP
    Nathalie Crum
    Renko Douze for Een van de jongens, Hasse van Nunen for Een van de jongens
    Stef Tijdink
    Inèz Poortinga
    Carla van der Meijs
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