Women in Shroud

    • Farid Haerinejad, Mohammad Reza Kazemi
    • Iran, Canada
    • 2009
    • 73 min
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    The Iranian justice system creates many female victims. A lawyer named Shadi Sadr is primarily occupied with making the case for the abolition of executions by stoning. We hear the stories of various women for whom Sadr is acting. Leila, for example, has been convicted of having sex with family members after she was raped by her brothers. Together with other women in the organization Stop Stoning Forever (SSF), Sadr is attempting to put an end to stoning. But how does one stop something that does not officially exist? In 2004, execution by stoning was abolished, but the death certificates that record "death caused by a hard object" betray its continuing practice. This is why women are trying to generate attention for this horrific form of execution. During an officially sanctioned and peaceful demonstration, Sadr is arrested together with many other women. Anticipating the possible punishment of 74 whiplashes and a prison sentence of many years, she proves herself to be stronger than ever. Archive footage of the riots following the 2009 elections in Iran is used to demonstrate the fighting spirit of a desperate but resolute people.


    • 73 min
    • color
    • video
    Farid Haerinejad, Mohammad Reza Kazemi
    Farid Haerinejad for Armati Media Productions, Mohammad Reza Kazemi, Paul Lee
    Mohammad Reza Kazemi
    Farid Haerinejad
    Mehrdad Dusti, Reza Moghaddas
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