William Wegman

    • Cherry Duyns
    • Netherlands, The
    • 1996
    • 71 min
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    The American artist William Wegman makes drawings and paintings, videos and photos. Man Ray was his first model. The dog Man Ray. A Weimaraner, named after the surrealist artist Man Ray. In 1982 the Village Voice proclaimed him Man of the Year. Melancholy and absurdism are the main characteristics of Wegman's - meanwhile prohibitive - work. Cherry Duyns thinks that the photos of the dog Man Ray and later of his successor Fay Ray belong to the wittiest expressions in art. And to the saddest ones. Wegman acquired world fame with his videos and photo portraits of his Weimaraner hounds. His photos as well as his paintings are exhibited in leading museums in the United States and Europe. Duyns meets Wegman in his country house, hidden deep in the North American woods, and follows him during photo sessions with his four Weimaraner dogs.


    • 71 min
    • color
    • video
    Cherry Duyns
    Marc Felperlaan
    Menno Euwe
    Jan Langeveld
    Vera de Vries for VPRO

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