• Oeke Hoogendijk
  • Netherlands
  • 2021
  • 71 min
  • World Premiere
  • Envision Competition

Available in Docs for Sale after the world premiere at IDFA.

Lous, the mother of filmmaker Oeke Hoogendijk, hasn’t left the house for decades. She has a recurring nightmare in which she doesn’t know how to get home, just like the day when as a Jewish girl she was deported to the Nazi concentration camps. Scenes which at first sight seem very ordinary—an elderly woman in a living room watching television with her cat—gradually develop into the troubling portrait of an astute woman who has to live each day with the Holocaust as her housemate. Even the Christmas tree, which made her so happy as a child, now reminds her of the Westerbork concentration camp.

Through their tragicomic telephone conversations and a fixed camera in the living room, Oeke brings us exceptionally close to her mother. She opens up to us completely, with all her profound sadness and sardonic humor. The filmmaker maintains this clever balance thanks to delicate editing, interspersing her mother’s camp memories (“You switched off your all feelings, you lost your own being”) with the joys of the TV travel program Rail Away and the calming effects of DJ Tiësto.


Oeke Hoogendijk
Bernet Crucq for Discours Film, Frank van den Engel for Discours Film, Oeke Hoogendijk for Discours Film
Involved TV Channel
EODocs, EODocs


World Sales
Festival Handling
Edlef Heeling for Discours Film, Hedva Goldschmidt for Go2Films

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Available versions
58' and 71', DCP, color
Spoken languages

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