Information for visitors with disabilities

    As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering an inclusive festival experience, IDFA is working to remove several access barriers in our programming and services. Our goal is to be as accessible as possible to all members of the audience and our professional guests. We look forward to remaining transparent and accountable as we share our progress with you.

    This year we will strive to provide screenings for blind and deaf visitors as well as non-English speakers, however, please note that as an international festival, much of our programming is in the English language.

    Check this page for up-to-date accessibility information on our upcoming events, locations, initiatives, and the next festival edition in November. For questions, comments, and suggestions, we invite you to get in touch with us via the contact methods provided below.

    Upcoming events

    July 30: Queerama in FC Hyena
    Wheelchair users can enter FC hyena by way of a ramp at the front entrance. There is no wheelchair accessible toilet. The screening takes place outside, in front of the door. There is plenty of parking space at the entrance, and you can reserve a parking space. For more information, contact FC Hyena at 020-363 85 02.

    Accessibility and film submissions

    To filmmakers submitting their work to the festival: we encourage you to provide more accessible film formats when possible. If your film is selected for IDFA 2019, we will contact you about whether you have a version available with English subtitles, Closed Captioning, and/or Descriptive Sound. Please visit our submission page for details. If you are submitting a film and already have one of the previously mentioned formats available, or are planning on making them available soon, please indicate this when filling out our entry form.

    Closed Captioned (CC): Display of text on a screen to provide additional or interpretive information.

    Descriptive Sound (DS): A digitally compatible described narration system for the blind and visually impaired with headphones.


    If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about accessibility at IDFA, we would like to hear from you. Visitors with disabilities can get in touch with us in the following ways:

    Telephone: +31 (0)20 6273329



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    Frederiksplein 52
    1017 XN Amsterdam

    We will respond to your feedback as soon as possible. If you would like us to respond by a particular method, such as e-mail or telephone, please specify your preference when you leave your question or comment.