Camera in Focus

    IDFA has always focused on the creative documentary: Films of high cinematographic quality that clearly bear their makers’ signatures. Following in the footsteps of programs focusing on sound design and editing in previous years, IDFA is this year placing special focus on cinematography in the documentary through the program Camera in Focus. Established DoP's including Wolfgang Thaler, Pierre Lhomme, Ed Lachman and director Pirjo Honkasalo, as well as up-and-coming camera talents Talal Khoury, Arseni Khachaturan, Tala Hadid, Mila Turajlic and Manuel Abramovich will discuss specific films they've worked on and their unique, inspirational ways of capturing stories through images. 

    Camera in Focus will take place November 16-21 in EYE.

    Selection 2017

    Pirjo Honkasalo | Germany, Finland | 1996 |  min. | 76 min.

    City of the Sun
    Rati Oneli | Georgia, United States, Qatar, The Netherlands | 2017 | 104 min.
    Also screening in the Best of Fests section.

    Depeche Mode: 101
    David Dawkins, Chris Hegedus, D.A. Pennebaker | United States | 1989 | 117 min.

    House in the Fields
    Tala Hadid | Morocco, Qatar | 2017 | 86 min.
    Also screening in the Best of Fests section.

    Le joli mai
    Chris Marker, Pierre Lhomme | France | 1963 | 146 min.

    The Other Side of Everything
    Mila Turajlic | Serbia, France, Qatar | 2017 | 104 min.
    Also selected for the IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary.

    Manuel Abramovich | Argentina | 2017 | 72 min.
    Also screening in the Best of Fests section.

    Taste of Cement
    Ziad Kalthoum | Qatar, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Lebanon | 2017 | 85 min.
    Also screening in the Best of Fests section.

    Wim Wenders | Germany | 1985 | 92 min.

    Whores' Glory
    Michael Glawogger | Austria | 2011 | 119 min.