DocLab Live Cinema Events

    A series of unpredictable live events where artists perform and experiment with their own work, often inviting the audience to participate and interact.

    Uncharted Rituals Opening Night
    Make sure your phone is charged for this festive opening night, featuring Top 10 curator Jonathan Harris and the world premiere of W/O/R/K, a wondrous live performance using every phone in the audience.
    November 16 2017, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Expozaal

    For its world premiere, the engrossing radio documentary series Bob becomes an intimate and interactive multimedia performance.
    November 17 2017, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Rode Zaal

    Orchestrated Rituals
    A playful night full of interactive projects and apps questioning our everyday digital behavior. Please bring your filter bubble and a charged phone!
    November 18 2017, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Rode Zaal 

    Somewhere Else
    A screening of the experiment with which Micha Wertheim rewrote theatre history—he wasn’t present on stage, but was somewhere else. For this screening however, Wertheim will be present.
    November 19 2017, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Rode Zaal

    Machine Rituals
    Live cinema event about artificial intelligence and the ritual dance between man and machine.
    November 20 2017, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Rode Zaal 

    Order, Chaos and Everything
    Join Jonathan Harris on a secular pilgrimage: from physical reality and Christopher Alexander's The Nature of Order to the chaos of YouTube, and a digital simulation of consciousness (Everything).
    November 21 2017, 20:00 | De Brakke Grond – Rode Zaal 

    During Amsterdam Art Weekend, EYE organizes a special presentation of the VR installation Bloodless. Director Gina Kim and guests discuss the influence American soldiers have had on the South Korean people since 1956.
    November 25 2017, 17:00 | EYE Cinema 2