DocLab Theme: Domesticating Reality

    How we shape technology, and technology shapes us.

    This year, DocLab’s Domesticating Reality program explores the nature of physical space in computational times. How does technology shape our perception of physical reality? How does it affect our bodies, our homes and the places we inhabit? How does it affect the way we behave and the way we tell stories?

    It’s been an age-old cycle: from fire to cooking, from language to machines and algorithms; from cave paintings to photography, cinema and the internet. New technologies are nothing new, but the effects always take us by surprise, even if we saw them coming. These days, we find ourselves deeply immersed in digital technology—Increasingly by default instead of by choice. As traditional boundaries between physical and digital realities continue to fade away, post-human visions of the future seem easier to imagine than ever. It’s time to take stock, to examine ourselves and the physical world around us. After all, it’s still right here—at least for now.

    Domesticating Reality includes almost 40 documentary experiences, ranging from virtual reality to interactive cinema; from immersive theater to dome screenings and from AI experiments to a private audio walk inside the house of a random stranger. The program also addresses stories about climate change, gentrification, the post-human body, robots and online dating. These works use existing and emerging technologies to tell human stories; to play with our perceptions of time and space, and to challenge our most human behaviors.