FAQ: Tickets


    1. What are the ticket prices?
    2. How do I buy a ticket for the IDFA Specials?
    3. What are the accepted payment methods?
    4. When do ticket sales for the entire festival start?
    5. What are IDFA's COVID-19 measures?
    6. How do I log in or create an account?
    7. Where can I find accessibility information?
    8. How do I use my action code?
    9. How does the ticket sale work for the screenings in Carré, including Volkskrant Day and IDFA Hits
    10. Where can I find the tickets and the QR-codes for them?


    1. Tickets for regular screenings in theaters are €11.50 (discount price: €8.50). The ticket price for online screenings in Live from Tuschinski is €8.50 (discount price: €7). The discount price is valid for CJP passholders, Stads passholders, and students. If you plan to watch more than four films at the festival, we recommend buying a strippenkaart.
    2. All IDFA Specials are listed here, and you can also order tickets via that page.
    3. You can pay via iDEAL, Visa, or Mastercard.
    4. Starting November 1 at 15:00, Friends of IDFA can order tickets for the entire festival. Starting November 3 at 15:00, ticket sales for the entire festival start for everyone.
    5. For all up-to-date info about the COVID-19 measures at IDFA 2021, visit our dedicated COVID-19 page.
    6. Log in or create an account at the upper right corner of the website where it says MyIDFA / Log in. If you are viewing the website on a smartphone or tablet, click on the little figure in the upper right corner.
    7. Our Accessibility page contains all information about the accessibility of the festival, including the different cinemas.
    8. At checkout, enter the code in the action code field. Be sure to select the number of tickets. Please note that, even if you have free tickets, you must complete the checkout process. Special Friends do not need an action code for their free tickets. These privileges are attached to the MyIDFA account you registered as a Special Friend with. You will see a €0 fee for the screening you want to reserve. For step by step instructions on entering action codes with screenshots, click here.
    9. Several screenings, including the Volkskrant Day and IDFA Hits, are sold directly through the Carré website. The link to their website is included in the ticket block below the performance. The tickets for these performances will not show up in your MyIDFA account.
    10. You can find your tickets with the QR code in MyIDFA, under your order history.

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