Facts & Figures

    The activity report for IDFA 2015, including all facts & figures about that year's festival activities, can be found below. The 2016 activity report will be published soon.

    Foundation IDFA
    Frederiksplein 52
    1017 XN Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    VAT: NL 0085.51.777

    IDFA 2015

    Professional, creative, diverse and engaged: those are IDFA’s core values, and they shine through in the ways in which the festival ensures its financial continuity and the partnerships the festival enters into as well. Without the support of all our partners, funders, the members of Club IDFA, the Friends and Big Friends of IDFA, the festival could not be held the way it is today.

    Although revenues from ticket sales dropped slightly, the festival’s total revenues – drawn from subsidies, sponsorships, fund raising and donations – rose to €4,890,747. This meant that IDFA 2015 closed the books with a positive balance of €17,572 which was added to the festival’s general reserve, which is of crucial importance to guarantee the continued existence of IDFA.

    Activity Report 2015