IBF Europe: Regulations for Distribution Support

    The IDFA Bertha Fund supports innovative distribution plans for international co-productions between documentary filmmakers in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe (see IBF Europe Country List) and European co-producers (see MEDIA sub-program).

    Key facts

    • The maximum amount awarded per project is €30,000.
    • A total of 3 projects can be supported between December 2018 – October 2019.
    • Only complete applications will be taken into consideration.
    • Results for each application will be announced within 3 months after submission.

    Please read the Regulations below carefully before filling out the entry form, which is available through MyIDFA. All sections must be completed (see checklist for IBF Europe entry).

    The Fund is now accepting applications continuously from December 1, 2018 until October 1, 2019.

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    The IBF Europe Distribution Support targets the following projects and applicants:

    Targeted Projects

    • The director of the film should be a filmmaker from one of the countries mentioned on the IBF Europe Country List, and the film should also be shot in one of these countries.
    • The documentary should be in rough cut or final cut stage.
    • General time frame of the project should indicate that the distribution project will be finalized by December 2020 and that all conditions and payments as mentioned in the contract will be finalized before 1 December 2020. For more information on Contracts and Assessment, download this PDF.
    • Proposals should focus on the basic communication tools that uphold a promotion and marketing strategy for the documentary which aims to reinforce distribution through a combination of the following: internet, VOD, other digital platforms and/or outreach campaigns as well as theatrical release, television, event screenings and festivals.
    • Proposals should indicate the different partners expected to be involved like sales agents, distributors, broadcasters, VOD partners, events organizers and/or outreach partners, and should have confirmation of a minimum of three partners.

    Targeted applicants

    • The applicant should be active for at least two years within the audio-visual field and be located in a country participating in the MEDIA sub-program.
    • The applicant should be a rights holder of the documentary – or the coordinator of a consortium of rights holders – for the territories in which the action takes place.
    • The track record of the applicant should demonstrate a participation in the production and/or distribution of at least two international/European co-produced documentaries. A list including the involved producers and co-producers, year of release, names of broadcasters and other distribution results should be included in the entry form.

    The documentary for which distribution support is requested should correspond to the following criteria:

    Eligible projects

    • A minimum length of 60 minutes
    • The documentary concerns an international co-production involving at least one producer in a country on the IBF Europe Country List (not a member of Eurimages, and not part of the Media sub-program countries) and one producer based in the MEDIA sub-program countries. The share of the co-producer(s) coming from countries participating in the MEDIA sub-program should be between 20-70%.
    • The application should present a distribution strategy for the documentary that covers a minimum of three different territories, of which at least one is participating in the MEDIA sub-program and at least one third country outside the MEDIA sub-program. It is recommended to include the country where the documentary was shot.

    Applicant eligibility

    Financial eligibility

    • The budget should reflect a minimum of 50% of the grant for basic communication tools, marketing and for publicity in at least three territories.
    • The IDFA Bertha Europe program can provide support up to 75% of the total budget of the activity, with a maximum of €15,000 per territory.
    • A maximum of 7% of the IDFA Bertha Fund Europe grant can be allocated for expenditures on overhead of the partner(s) involved.
    • Costs for an external auditor should be included in the budget. The financial report for the IDFA Bertha Fund should include the official approval of an external auditor on the expenses made.
    • Financing is available for distribution consultancy, website for the documentary, promotion materials, VOD and digital deliverables, additional language versions, editing of trailer, social media campaign, outreach campaign, publicity for cinema release, festivals or event screening and/or the costs to hire external experts to handle the publicity and promotion in support of the film’s distribution strategy.
    • Only costs made after the day of application can be covered by the IBF Europe grant.
    • Projects can only receive distribution funding from one of the European co-production funds in the Creative Europe MEDIA scheme, and applicants are obliged to mention any other current applications when applying.

    Selection procedure

    All submissions will be evaluated within 3 months after application. More information on the selection procedure, assessments and contracts is available here.

    The IDFA Bertha Fund is supported by Bertha Foundation, Creative Europe Media, and ASN Bank.