IDFA Crossmedia Forum

    IDFA Forum and IDFA DocLab present this pitching platform for interactive new media documentary projects.

    With the Crossmedia Forum, IDFA Forum offers a space to creators working on interactive new media projects to publicly pitch to an audience of professionals from the interactive storytelling field and documentary film industry. One-on-one meetings with a broad range of key professionals enable them to create new partnerships, receive in-depth feedback on their work and find new ways to move their projects forward.

    The Crossmedia Forum is open to all kinds of interactive projects, ranging from webdocs, virtual reality and artificial intelligence projects to physical installations, multimedia journalism, live performances and everything else that tells a documentary story or explores unknown realities. Linear documentaries with internet support (such as an informative website) are not eligible: the online component has to be a stand-alone project. To find out more about the Forum public pitch set-up, see our submission guidelines.

    Participating in the Crossmedia Forum will give you the opportunity to meet with over 200 decision makers. Previous attendees in the field of new media included: Jessica Brillhart (formerly Google), Geert-Jan Bogaert (VPRO), Brian Chirls (Datavized), Liz Cook (Kickstarter), Loc Dao (NFB), Philippe Freville (Pictanovo), Brett Gaylor (Mozilla Foundation), Annika Gustafson (BoostHbg), Ingrid Kopp (Electric South/Tribeca Film Institute), Raimo Lång (YLE), Marianne Levy-Leblond (ARTE France), Kathleen Lingo (New York Times), Christiane Miethge (Bayerische Rundfunk), Francesca Panetta (The Guardian), Gwenaelle Signate (France Télévisions), Opeyemi Olukemi (POV | American Documentary), Zilla Watson (BBC), Sean Yu (VRVCA) and Saschka Unseld (Oculus-Story Studio).

    To help participants get the most out of their visit to IDFA, the Forum collaborates closely with IDFA Doclab, IDFA’s festival program for digital documentary storytelling, to give access to festival events such as the DocLab Interactive Conference, the DocLab Expo and Live Cinema Events, offering the chance to extend their knowledge about new media and network with the new media community.