IDFAcademy Program 2022

    Program for IDFAcademy participants

    IDFAcademy organises a slew of talks, sessions, round tables on topics ranging from Laura Poitras’ Master Talk on political power in documentary art and former Guest of Honor Gianfranco Rosi reflections on his method and oeuvre, to talks with up-and-coming directors such as Lea Glob, Biserka Šuran and Niki Padidar who discuss directing the personal, as well as the more pragmatic themes, such as sales strategies and publicity.

    IDFAcademy Program

    Thursday, November 10

    IDFAcademy Opening Talk: Gianfranco Rosi

    Gianfranco Rosi has a unique place in contemporary documentary film. He is one of the most accomplished filmmakers of our day, and his work is marked by a stylistic and philosophical language that are his own. In his films, Rosi depicts a world made up of small stories. Whether he is in a boat in the Ganges, or with the Pope in his plane, alone with a cartel hitman, or inside the prison cell with detained ISIS fighters, Rosi is searching for his view of the world we live in, and never compromises his vision, his signature camera style. IDFAcademy opens its 2022 edition with a conversation between Gianfranco Rosi and Orwa Nyrabia examining the method, his relationship with the viewfinder, and his persistent questions about cinema and reality.

    IDFAcademy: Participants meet-up

    During the IDFAcademy kickoff, dedicated IDFAcademy tutors Cecilia Lidin, Christian Popp, Gema Juárez Allen, Gitte Hansen and Rodolfo Castillo-Morales help you present yourself perfectly. You will also get the chance to meet the other 99 participants—the first steps in networking!

    Friday, November 11

    IDFAcademy Talk: Directing the personal

    As a director, all the cinematic resources are at your disposal to give shape and expression to the story—this means a film is always a personal, artistic expression. When you are also part of the story, exploring who you are in the film is essential. In this session, three directors are sharing their thoughts and experiences of making a highly personal film that also interweaves social and political themes, resulting in completely different stylistic approaches. An in-depth conversation about the different ways to visualize emotional matters and developing a signature style as an artist.

    All You See - Niki Padidar (Luminous and Opening film of IDFA 2022)
    Apolonia, Apolonia - Lea Glob (International Competion)
    Scenes With My Father - Biserka Šuran (Envision Competition)

    IDFAcademy Talk: Creative producing in a long term process

    By going into the production process of Notes on Displacement, filmmaker/producer Khaled Jarrar and producer Thomas Kaske discuss their journey on a film that has taken several years to make.

    A film made with a small team, no big budget, and dealing with immigration. How did their roles evolve along the way? How does a producer accompany a director in the creative process and search for the core of the story? What does having a co-production partner actually mean when the funding on the table is little? How to make sense of a story dealing with subject that is considered ‘over’ by the market? Creative producing in a long-term process will tackle these questions and more.

    Notes on Displacement – Khaled Jarrar (Envision Competition)

    IDFAcademy Talk: Composing music for documentary

    Acclaimed directors Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster and world-famous composer and sound designer Harry de Wit talk about their collaboration on the world premiere documentary Journey Through Our World (International Competition). They will elaborate on finding a common language between the director and composer to create the music best suited for the vision of the film and how this gives a film more meaning and value. This talk is in collaboration with Buma Music in Motion, the platform in the creative industries where music and media converge.

    Journey Through Our World - Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster

    IDFAcademy Meetings: Round tables on international co-producing

    Entering a co-production is an important decision that opens doors to funding and new partnerships. Yet it also raises many questions with regards to contracts, budgets, and creative control. In this session established producers Bianca Oana, Christian Popp, Gema Juarez Allen and Martichka Bozhilova discuss case studies of often complex co-productions and explain the advantages and disadvantages of international co-production. Prepare your questions for this interactive set-up!

    Saturday, November 12

    IDFAcademy Pitch and trailer workshop

    Mikael Opstrup will elaborate on making a successful pitch trailer by showing examples and offering concrete advice. Four participants will get the opportunity to pitch their project and receive feedback from a panel of experts.

    IDFAcademy Talk: How to not lose track of your story

    Filmmakers Vuslat Karan, Burcu Melekoglu, and Siyi Chen reflect on making their films Blue ID and Dear Mother, I meant to talk about death—both selected to premiere in the Luminous section. As first-time filmmakers that successfully presented a project in the international market gaining interest and support from different players, they had to deal with new partners that bring new perspectives and stakes. This while having the deal with the changing lives of their protagonists and their own search for the core story of the film. How do you stay true to the story you want to make when different forces are at play?

    Blue ID - Vuslat Karan, Burcu Melekoglu (Luminous)

    Dear Mother, I meant to talk about death – Siyi Chen (Luminous)

    IDFAcademy Round Tables: Finance & Funding

    Round table meetings with professionals working in finance and funding, who will be giving more information on what kind of projects they are looking for and how they work with supported filmmakers as well as go into the do's and don'ts on writing funding applications. Experts will elaborate on how to develop a financial strategy, approach funders and prepare a good fund application.

    IDFAcademy Meetings: Round tables

    Round table meetings with renowned professionals of the industry.

    Sunday, November 13

    IDFAcademy Talk: Sales strategies, the inside information

    Liselot Verbrugge (Deckert Distribution) and Anaïs Clanet (Resevoir Docs) will provide insight into their sales and distribution expertise. Discover their approach and secrets for getting a film out into the world. What is the best strategy for the different windows, and how do you decide which steps best suit which film? How does the current situation worldwide influence these windows and strategy? Learn at what stage of the process a sales agent or distributor joins the team and what you can expect in a collaboration.

    IDFAcademy Talk: Releasing your Story

    Thinking about releasing a film into the world does not only occur after the film is finished. As a director, at what point do you start thinking about which aspects of releasing a film, and what do you actually “release”? There is an audience with expectations and reactions, as well as industry players who need and want something from your story. As a director or a producer, when do you involve distribution partners? Renowned director Maite Alberdi and highly experienced producer and distributor Alexandra Galvis dive into the different stages and moments involved in releasing your film.

    IDFAcademy Session: How to make your film seen

    With more than 20 years of experience—working with filmmakers such as Laura Poitras, Victor Kossakovsky, and Gianfranco Rosi—publicist Claudia Tomassini knows how to make your film seen. At IDFA, she represents the award-winning and festival hit All that Breathes and In Viaggio among other titles. In this interactive session, she will discuss different ways to find your audience and promote your film, and how to find the unique selling point of your film and make a successful campaign. Bring your questions and examples to this session!

    IDFAcademy Meetings: Round tables

    Round table meetings with renowned professionals of the industry.

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