IDFAcademy & NPO-fonds workshop

    A  workshop organized by IDFA and the NPO Fund, in which young Dutch doc talents develop a film plan under the guidance of experienced filmmakers.

    The IDFAcademy & NPO-fonds Workshop started in 2017. This workshop allows six young Dutch documentary talents to develop a film plan for a 50-60 minute documentary in text and images.

    Each participant is linked to a producer and receives €5,000 to develop a teaser. During IDFA, the film plans and teasers are presented to the Dutch public broadcasters. During this meeting, the winning film receives a development grant from the NPO Fund, consisting of €25,000 plus another €5,000 for a new teaser.

    The participants for the 2017 edition were Joris Postema, Marina Meijer, Martijn van de Griendt, Nicky Maas, Vanesa Abajo Perez and Willem Timmers. They were tutored by filmmakers Coco Schrijber and Joost Seelen.

    More information is available in Dutch.