IDFAcademy & NPO-fonds workshop

    A workshop organized by IDFA and the NPO Fund, in which young Dutch doc talents develop a film plan under the guidance of experienced filmmakers.

    The IDFAcademy & NPO-fonds Workshop allows six young Dutch documentary talents to develop a film plan for a 50-60 minute documentary in text and images. The tutors this year are Marjoleine Boonstra and Tom Fassaert.

    Each participant is linked to a producer and receives €5,000 to develop a teaser. During IDFA, the film plans and teasers are presented to the Dutch public broadcasters. During this meeting, the winning film receives the Karen de Bok Talent Award, a development grant from the NPO Fund consisting of €25,000 plus another €5,000 for a new teaser.

    On November 15, the Karen de Bok Talent Award was awarded to Shamira Raphaëla for her film plan Downfall of a Superwoman.

    More information is available in Dutch.