Doing an internship at IDFA is great! We offer internships yearly from September - December in various departments, like program, education, docLab, office, production, guest services and communication. Some of these even start in May. Since you'll be part of a festival team that doubles in size, you won't be identifiable as 'the intern'. You'll be an equal part of the team, with your own tasks and responsibilities. Of course you'll also get enough guidance in order to learn as much as you can. Within the internship, you'll also get time to meet the requirements your education institution might have for an internship, like doing research. The available internships will appear on this page May 1st at the latest. If the internship requires knowledge of the Dutch language, we will publish it only in Dutch. For questions about internships, please address HR Manager Annabet Langkamp,

    At IDFA we believe in the power of a diverse team. Everyone is welcome to join.