Submit your interactive documentary to IDFA DocLab

    The 31st International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, including its new media program IDFA DocLab, takes place November 14-25, 2018. The IDFA DocLab program and competition are open to all sorts of works that use new media to represent reality, ranging from digital non-fiction storytelling and art to physical installations, virtual reality experiences, live performance and multimedia projects. 

    Entry for IDFA 2018 is now closed.

    DocLab is made possible by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, The Netherlands Film Fund, Mondriaan Fund, Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke GrondDiversion, ARTE, National Film Board of Canada, Flanders Audiovisual Fund and Sound and Vision.

    IDFA DocLab Regulations 2018

    The following requirements are specific to projects submitted to IDFA DocLab. Please also refer to IDFA's general Entry Regulations before filling out the entry form.

    • Submitted projects will be considered:  
      (1) for the IDFA DocLab Competition, 
      (2) as an installation for our festival exhibition, 
      (3) as a performance at our live cinema events and/or 
      (4) for the IDFA DocLab Online Database.
    • Projects selected for the competition program are eligible for the IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling or the IDFA DocLab Immersive Non-Fiction Award.
    • We can view projects on most platforms/devices, including MAC, PC, iOS, Android, Steam, Sony Playstation, Xbox, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive or Google Daydream / cardboard.
    • Projects should be submitted via a password-protected (streaming) link, a download link to the VR build/360 video file (preferably by Dropbox/Google Drive), an app download package or game install.
    • For performances, installations or for projects that cannot be sent digitally, please provide extensive visual and written documentation.
    • The IDFA DocLab program and competition are open to unreleased projects, as well as projects that have been made publicly available on the internet after August 2017. Priority is given to projects that have not yet been presented at other events or festivals.
    • Other new media activities at IDFA include the DocLab Academy training program, the DocLab Interactive Conference, and the Crossmedia Forum for projects seeking international co-financing. For further details and deadlines, see the IDFA DocLab page.

    How to enter your interactive documentary

    IDFA must receive an online screener, a completed IDFA entry form (available through MyIDFA) and payment of the entry fee of €50 (excl. VAT).


    • Your entry will not be taken into consideration until we receive your payment.
    • Your payment will be handled by PayPal. This name may appear on your bank statement.
    • We apply a NO REFUND policy to which we can make no exceptions.

    Details for your online screener should be filled out in the entry form. Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure the password is valid up until the end of the festival.

    Your application will be considered once we have received the online screener. We will confirm receipt of your entry by e-mail.

    Selection procedure

    When a project is selected, the festival will notify the applicant, director, creator and/or producer no later than October 12, 2018. Once a work has been selected, creators may use the IDFA logo and the relevant IDFA laurel for publicity purposes. These files will be sent to them in digital form. 

    If selected, works will be showcased as part of the annual IDFA DocLab Exhibition and/or one of the Live Cinema Events. Creators of all selected projects will be asked to provide the following:

    • Film stills (high resolution, at least 3Mb each). Stills can be uploaded through MyIDFA or can be sent by email to the project's contact person at the Program Department.
    • Separate electronic press kit (EPK) with a passport-sized photo of the creators, a synopsis, a list of credits, biography and/or filmography. Additional material is welcome.
    • A high res video file of the trailer (if applicable).
    • Any of the required materials to bring the project to life in the festival exhibition. This could be the link to a website, the final build of a VR project/game, or the pieces of an installation. This will be done in close cooperation with one of our exhibition producers.

    Will I be invited to attend the festival?

    We want to encourage everyone to attend the festival and artists involved in a project selected for the DocLab program are eligible for a free guest badge. In some cases, we will also offer help with accommodation and travel expenses, however this support is limited and priority will be given to persons involved in specific festival events. Anyone who wishes to attend the festival must fill out the online accreditation form through MyIDFA.


    All IDFA entries will be charged an administration fee of €50 per entry.

    • In case you fill out a company which is based outside the Netherlands as the billing address, you will not be charged additional VAT by IDFA, but you will have to pay your VAT duties in your own country. 
      • If this is within the European Union, you need to fill out your VAT details in the billing address field. For general VAT rules within the EU please go to EU Tax and Customs info.
      • If your company is based outside the EU, IDFA will not charge VAT but you will need to check your tax regulations in your own country and act accordingly.
    • All Dutch submissions and all submissions done by private persons only (with no company attached) will need to pay VAT and will be charged in the IDFA invoice.

    Address and contact information

    International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
    Frederiksplein 52
    1017 XN Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
    Phone +31 20 6273329

    Questions concerning regulations and/or entry forms should be directed to