Submit your film to IDFA Forum

    All projects undergo a stringent selection process. Only projects that have been submitted according to the IDFA Forum entry regulations below will be considered.

    To familiarize yourself, take a look at last year's regulations and checklist below. Updated submission regulations for IDFA Forum 2019 will become available in May.

    IDFA Forum takes place November 24-27, 2019. The submission deadline is August 15, 2019. The entry form will be online June 15, 2019.

    Checklist for IDFA Forum entry

    General entry regulations (subject to change)

    • IDFA Forum is open to independent production companies and producers from all over the world. Please be aware that at most one third of the projects in the final selection can come from outside EU Member State countries, since Creative Europe is the main financier of the IDFA Forum.
    • Projects can be in any production phase and there are no restrictions regarding the amount of financing already in place.
    • The selection committee will determine which pitch category a project is most suited for. The committee will take into consideration the artistic quality, uniqueness of the content, stage of development, subject, extent of exposure at other internationals markets, amount of financing in place and genre.
    • Providing visual materials (trailer or other examples of your project) is highly recommended.
    • At the time of application, you must include contracts or letters that prove any financial investment listed in your entry form. These contracts or letters of commitment from broadcasters and financiers must state the amount of the investment and must be written in English. The letters must be dated and signed.
    • Incomplete applications without sufficient documentation will not be considered for selection.
    • Please make sure to complete the IDFA accreditation form as well. The accreditation form offers producers (not directors) the opportunity to indicate if they would like to attend the IDFA Forum even if their project is not selected. You can find the accreditation form in your MyIDFA account.
    • If your project was previously selected for the IDFA Forum, you can only apply again for the category Rough Cut Project.
    • Unfortunately, due to the high number of entries we cannot give feedback about the decision for projects which are not selected.
    • By submitting a project to IDFA Forum 2018, you agree that the project will not be withdrawn after selection.
    • If you have submitted, or are planning to submit, to IDFA festival and/or Docs for Sale 2018, the project is not eligible.
    • There is an entry fee of €25 (excl VAT). Exemptions can be made for countries from the DAC list, mail the forum staff to request a fee waiver.

    Entry fee

    • All Forum entries will be charged an administration fee of €25 (excl. VAT) per entry.
    • In case you fill in a company which is based outside the Netherlands in the billing address you will not be charged additional VAT by IDFA, but you will have to pay your VAT duties in your own country. If this country is a member of the European Union, you need to fill in your VAT details in the billing address field. For general VAT rules within the EU please go to EU Tax and Customs info.
    • If you have a company based outside the EU IDFA will not charge VAT but you will need to check the tax regulations in your own country and act accordingly.
    • All Dutch submissions and all submissions done by private persons only (with no company attached) will need to pay VAT and will be charged in the IDFA invoice.


    • Your entry or accreditation will not be taken into consideration until we receive your payment.
    • We apply a NO REFUND policy to which we can make no exceptions.
    • Your payment will be handled by PayPal. This name may appear on your bank statement.

    General selection regulations

    • A maximum of two projects can be selected per company.
    • For each selected project, two participants (pitch team) are allowed to attend the Forum.
    • The pitchteam (producer and director) must be present for the three full forum days to pitch and have meetings.
    • After selection of the project, the participation fee must be wired to the indicated IDFA account before October 15, 2018.
    • The Forum staff strongly advises first time pitchers at IDFA to attend the EDN pitch training (for selected projects only).
    • Access to the Forum venue is restricted to accredited Forum participants only. If you schedule meetings with people who are not attending the Forum, you must arrange them elsewhere.
    • After the IDFA Forum, all participants are asked to participate in two questionnaires to help us evaluate the year’s edition.
    • By providing your trailer and stills, you give IDFA permission to use the material at, and for promotional purposes for the IDFA Forum 2018.
    • If the selected project is completed in due time, the IDFA Forum will be referred to in the credits as 'This film was pitched at IDFA Forum 2018'. Forum logo can be provided by the staff.
    • All participating projects are offered to add their film (upon completion) for free to the catalogue of Docs for Sale, IDFA’s marketplace for creative documentaries.
    • All participating projects are offered a fee waiver code to submit to the IDFA festival (upon completion), please contact the Forum staff.

    Selection fees

    Fees for participation in IDFA Forum 2018 are:

    Round Table Pitch Category per project
    €550 (€665,50 incl. VAT 21%)
    Central Pitch Category per project
    €550 (€665,50 incl. VAT 21%)
    Cross Media Presentation per project*
    €550 (€665,50 incl. VAT 21%)
    Rough Cut Project**
    €550 (€665,50 incl. VAT 21%)
    EDN pitch training (separate registration after selection)
    €220 (€266,20 incl. VAT 21%)

    These fees include:

    • presenting your project at the three-day IDFA Forum.
    • one-on-one meetings with attending delegates of your choice and vice versa
    • a maximum of two IDFA Forum passes for the pitching team*
    • access to the IDFA Forum opening reception.
    • access to the Forum networking coffee breaks and lunches
    • access to all regular festival screenings and events (with a free ticket)
    • access to all industry screenings (no ticket needed: first come, first served)
    • access to all Industry Talks and all other secondary programming**
    • access to the daily Guests Meet Guests drinks for all accredited guests
    • access to the daily Docs for Sale Happy Hour
    • access to the services and sessions of the Industry Office
    • access to company profiles, strand profiles, biographies and contact information of accredited guests through, the delegate guide, the producers guide and the EDN financing guide.

    * Additional for Rough Cut projects:

    • two Docs for Sale Participants passes for the project team

    ** Additional for Cross Media projects:

    • access to a special interactive program, organized in collaboration with IDFA DocLab
    • a unique opportunity to network with leading international professionals and experts who work in this innovative field, to get feedback on your project, feel inspired and make lifetime connections with people who can help you navigate new ways of producing, distributing and financing

    For questions about pitching and training fees, please you can e-mail the Forum team.

    For questions about Forum passes and fees, please consult Guest Services. Guest Services will contact you about your eligibility for the pass or passes you requested.