Support starting from € 5,000

    You can support IDFA in different ways starting from € 5,000

    Sharing urgent stories with the world through film, offering a platform to filmmakers from all countries—including those where freedom of expression cannot be taken for granted—stimulating young talent, and teaching children to be open to stories from others. To achieve these goals, IDFA needs your help. Every donation is welcome. You can support IDFA starting from € 5,000 in the following ways:

    • Become an IDFA Maecenas starting from € 5,000
    • Support an IDFA film project starting from € 17,500
    • Start a registered IDFA Fund from € 50,000
    • Support IDFA through inheritance

    Become an IDFA Maecenas starting from € 5,000

    As IDFA Maecenas, you support IDFA's educational programs for school children, you help non-Western filmmakers produce their films with the IDFA Bertha Fund, and you support IDFA DocLab, the place for experimenting with new media. Our Private Donations Manager will investigate suitable benefits together with you.

    Want to become a patron? Contact Marloes Janssen: or 06 29 52 89 41.

    Support an IDFA film project starting from € 17,500

    Another special way to contribute is to support the production of a specific film. You can also do this together with, for example, five friends, each of whom supports the project with € 3,500. In this way you contribute to a story that touches you in a special way.

    Support an IDFA Bertha Fund film project starting from € 17,500

    The IDFA Bertha Fund supports independent filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe where documentary making can be risky. Filmmakers are trained, receive personal guidance, and get access to the market and a network of worldwide documentary professionals.

    With your help, it is possible to bring films such as Five Broken Cameras, Last Men in Aleppo and Sonita—all created with support from the IDFA Bertha Fund—to a large audience.

    As a token of appreciation for your support you will receive:

    • Your name on the closing credits (if you wish)
    • 10 free tickets for the IDFA screening of the film that you support
    • Meet and greet with the filmmaker in the Netherlands if the film premieres at IDFA
    • 20 free tickets for regular screenings during the festival
    • Invitation to the Special Friends Dinner in October where the festival directors discuss the highlights of the festival
    • Exclusive access to the festival opening in Carré in Amsterdam
    • Access to two special pre-premieres in Tuschinski (in May and September)
    • Priority booking during ticket sales
    • A complete program guide

    Would you like to support a film project (with friends)? Contact Marloes Janssen: or 06-29 52 89 41.

    Start a registered named IDFA Fund from € 50,000

    With a named fund you support the IDFA Bertha Fund on a structural basis. A named fund can best be described as a good cause within a good cause. You set up a named fund with a designated objective that fits within the overall objective of the IDFA Bertha Fund.

    IDFA Bertha Fund: support filmmakers from non-Western countries

    Since 1998, the IDFA Bertha Fund has supported filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. A contribution from the Fund helps them with the development and research of their project, filming, editing, or making their urgent and powerful stories heard in their own country and beyond.

    We are convinced that these films appeal to an involved audience and that is why we ask you to participate.

    As a private individual, but also as a company, you can structurally support the IDFA Bertha Fund by setting up a named fund. You decide on the name of the Fund and the specific purpose. Consider, for examples, supporting freedom of expression in countries where this is not possible, increasing the number of female filmmakers, or supporting films from a specific continent or about a specific subject that you find important. Together we will investigate how to get you involved.

    The IDFA Bertha Fund ensures that the money in the named fund is spent for the specific purpose. It also takes care of the administrative handling so that the named fund benefits from the knowledge and experience present at the IDFA Bertha Fund, without being burdened with organizational and administrative issues. The IDFA Bertha Fund is responsible for the organization and the costs of setting up a named fund.

    Fiscally advantageous

    IDFA is a ‘public benefit organization’ (ANBI) and therefore you do not pay any donation or inheritance tax with your named fund. You can choose to donate while still alive or after death.

    An example for when you are liable to pay tax in the Netherlands: you would like to donate a sum of € 50,000. To transfer the assets to the Fund, you have a periodical notarial donation recorded at the notary. You donate € 10,000 to the Fund annually. With a periodic donation you are not bound by the legal thresholds and the full amount is tax deductible. Depending on your income, you get 34% to 52% back from taxes. If you fall into the high tax bracket and you pay a total of € 50,000, after the income tax return you will receive € 26,000 from the tax authorities and you will ultimately pay € 24,000 yourself. This advantage does not exist when you set up a fund in your will.

    Want to learn more? We are happy to discuss the options with you and to help you through setting up the named fund through our solicitor or your own solicitor. Contact Marloes Janssen, Private Donations Manager (, 06-29 52 89 41) or Isabel Arrate Fernandez, Managing Director of the IDFA Bertha Fund (, 020-26 20 768).


    It is possible to include IDFA in your will. Inheritances in the form of a bequest or inheritance can be easily arranged through the solicitor. We would be happy to discuss the options with you or bring you into contact with our solicitor without any obligation. Our Private Donations Manager Marloes Janssen is happy to help you. You can contact us at 020-26 20 824 / 06-29 52 89 41 or

    Advantageous giving

    A gift to IDFA is 125% deductible for taxes thanks to the Gift Law. Moreover, a donation threshold for the deductible amount does not apply to a regular donation that is set for five years. For example, if you fall into the high tax bracket, with a monthly donation of € 2,500, your tax benefit is € 1,277 per month, which means your net donation amounts to € 1,223. In the middle scale, the net amount is € 1,428. The government is responsible for the policy regarding tax deductibility and determines whether this will remain so in the future.

    Want to support IDFA?

    For more information or applications, you can contact Marloes Janssen: or 020-2620824.

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