Key industry venues

    Check the overview of our main cinemas and industry venues at IDFA 2022.

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    Industry Venues

    Felix Meritis – Keizersgracht 324
    The new home exclusively for IDFA's markets, where Forum and Docs for Sale participants come together under one roof. Select industry programming and social events are open to all guests.

    IDFA Forum
    IDFA DocLab Forum
    Producers Connection
    Docs for Sale
    Docs for Sale Viewing Booths
    Guests Meet Guests
    Industry Talks
    Markets Lounge

    ITA (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam)*Leidseplein 26
    Our new Festival Center is open to professionals, filmmakers and visitors for social exchange, engaging talks, training programs and more.

    Industry Talks and Consultancies
    Filmmaker Talks
    Guest Desk, Guest Box Office**
    Press Desk and Press Viewing Booths
    Social and Meeting Spaces

    Arti et Amicitiae Rokin 112
    A venue where visitors can immerse themselves in works exploring interactive documentary art and storytelling.

    DocLab: Special Installations and Performances

    Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke GrondNes 45
    The home of the IDFA DocLab Exhibition, in addition to a few other festivities.

    New Media Hub/DocLab Exhibition
    DocLab Live Events

    *Please note that on November 13, the accessibility of ITA's main entrance will be impacted by the Sinterklaas parade. Find all info here.

    ** Scroll all the way down for additional information on opening hour.

    Festival cafes

    Café Kuyl - Rembrandtplein 26
    Droog - Staalstraat 7B
    Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke GrondNes 45


    EyeIJpromenade 1
    Pathé City - Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 15-19 (Press & Industry)
    Pathé de MuntVijzelstraat 15
    Pathé TuschinskiReguliersbreestraat 26
    Rialto - Ceintuurbaan 338
    Rialto VU - De Boelelaan 1111
    De Balie - Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10
    DeLaMar Theater - Marnixstraat 402
    Carré - Amstel 115/125
    Ketelhuis - Pazzanistraat 4
    Podium Mozaïek - Bos en Lommerweg 191
    Artis Planetarium (DocLab) - Plantage


    Find hotels close to this year's key venues via this map.

    Additional information on opening hours of the Festival Center

    Guest Desk – ITA Ajax Foyer

    At the Guest Desk you can pick up your guest pass and get general information about the festival.
    Opening hours: Tues Nov 8 | 12:00–21:00 Wed Nov 9–Sat, Nov 19 | 9:00–21:00* Sun Nov 20 | 10:00–14:00
    * Exception: on Mon, Nov 14 we open early at 8:30.

    Guest Box Office – ITA Bookshop
    Skip the line at the general box office by coming to the Guest Box Office. Here you can get tickets to screenings and other events.
    Opening hours: Wed Nov 9–Sat Nov 19 | 9:00–21:00

    Industry Desk – ITA Bookshop
    At the Industry Desk, we can help you with any questions regarding IDFA’s activities for professionals. We guide you through the industry side of the festival, and keep you informed on our array of talks, sessions, and meetings.
    Opening hours: Fri, Nov 11–Wed, Nov 16 | 9:00–17:00

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